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Competition pages rebuild

Our commercial team at approached me asking if we can rebuild our competition pages so that user can enter competitions on their mobiles too. My first thought was to make it responsive.

At that stage Twitter Bootstrap 3 was released and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to make use of Bootstrap. I looked at all the elements that was required and which devices we should be supporting.

Because we did so many competitions I had to come up with a plan how I can build the template so that it can be easily styled for other new competitions and again I thought of using SASS and building it in PHP.

It took me about a day to complete the project and also to test it. Luckily we had a mobile lab setup which made the testing much easier for me. We also used software called Ghostlab which helped speed up the process.

After completing this project I had to get it ready for a Nigeria competition. So I had to make sure that it worked on very low end devices. It was a big success as we had a lot more entries from this market than ever before.


Eric de Kock

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