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Know your party

Know your party started out as a hackathon project which we designed and developed in 2 days.

The team consisted of an editor, UX/UI designer and a developer. Between the 3 of us we came up with the idea of know your party and started developing it.

Know your party wireframeI started with the wire-frame to get an idea of all the screens and the flow of this app while the editor researched the parties and worked on content and the developer started preparing the development environment and building the structure of the database.

Once we got all the content, wire-frames and database ready we continued looking at the design look and feel, the developer added all the content to the database and the editor cross checked everything.

Know your Party first DesignNow it was time to style the front-end, making sure it looks like the design and as I finished a screen the editor tested it to make sure if works as expected and the developer was working on all the logic at the same time.

Know your party turned out what you as a voter knew about each party and if you still want to vote for what your party stand for. It would be interesting to see if people changed their votes after going through the app.

We showed know your party to commercial, they love it so much, they felt we should make take it live before the election started in South Africa.



Eric de Kock

I’m Eric de Kock, I was born in South Africa and lived in 3 provinces, Free-State, Gauteng (Johannesburg) and Western Cape. I worked for Advertising agencies like (Red Cherry Advertising and Saatchi & Saatchi AtPlay), publisher ( and Marketing agency (Acceleration). I recently moved to Adelaide in South Australia. It’s a very beautiful and friendly city. It’s very similar to Cape Town I must say. I love to create websites, I love design, I have a passion for coding and I enjoy seeing the results from my creations.

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